What Happens if I Do Not Have My Wisdom Teeth Out as a Teenager?

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Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth taken out during their teenage years. In fact, some people never need it at all. However, if wisdom teeth do erupt during the teenage years and result in symptoms, then it is highly advised to have them removed during the teenage years. Even if there are no symptoms, the oral cavity is at risk of suffering long-term. Keep reading to find out what may happen if extraction does not take place.

Understanding what happens when wisdom teeth are not removed

Review the following information to get a better idea of why wisdom teeth need to be extracted. 


The main thing that can happen if wisdom teeth are not removed during the teenage years is impaction. When the wisdom teeth become impacted, it means that they get stuck behind the existing, adult teeth. Impaction can be very problematic, leading to other serious and dangerous symptoms. Outlined below are some of the symptoms to be aware of that may come along with impaction. Additionally, they may be stand-alone symptoms, which are just as detrimental. 


When wisdom teeth are not removed after the eruption, an associated symptom is pain. When the wisdom teeth come in, they can push against the gums, which can be uncomfortable on the gums. Additionally, if the wisdom teeth do become impacted, it can be painful for the adult teeth too. The person may experience excruciating toothaches. 

Shifting and crowding

Another symptom of wisdom teeth eruption is shifting. When the wisdom teeth come in, the already-existing teeth can be forced to shift to make room. Shifting can result in a need for orthodontic attention, which may be costly and time-consuming. Additionally, when shifting takes place, the teeth may begin to crown in an effort to make room. Crowding is a serious problem because the oral cavity can only hold so many teeth. If the wisdom teeth are not removed during the eruption, crowding can occur, which will ultimately result in extraction anyway; however, it will not only be more painful but more challenging too. 


Crowding, shifting, and impaction can all also lead to infection within the gums, as well as around and in the adult teeth. Infections can form when crowding takes place because there becomes more room for food debris to get stuck and turn into bacteria. When the wisdom teeth become impacted, the force it puts against the already-existing adult teeth can also lead to infection, as it is next to impossible to clean beneath the gums where the eruption is at home. 

Find out more

Individuals who are unsure about undergoing wisdom tooth extraction should consult with a dental professional. Any questions or uncertainties can be addressed appropriately. Additionally, the dentist can perform an evaluation to determine how serious the extraction is, what the risks are, and how soon the procedure should be performed. To learn more or to get scheduled for a consultation appointment, reach out today. 

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