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Gum grafting” is a common practice that causes minimal discomfort. The effects of gum grafting can enhance a person’s health and the appearance of their smile. If a patient has noticed that their gums are receding, their dentist may recommend gum grafting as the solution. In this article, we explain the signs that gum grafting could be necessary and how the process works.

What is gum grafting?

Gum grafting is a procedure that is typically performed by a periodontist and can have significant benefits for a person’s teeth and gums. However, some general dentists can also perform the procedure if they have had extra training on how to do the procedure. 

Overall, gum grafting is the process of putting gum tissue back in the place where little or no gum tissue is left covering a tooth. This is typically done to help avoid further gum recession from occurring. If the gums recede too much, it can cause tooth root exposure and create even more issues for a person’s oral health.

The tissue used to fill in the gums can come from many sources, but dentists typically use the palate (roof) of the mouth. Completing the gum grafting can help stop further recession of the gums and assist in reducing or even eliminating tooth sensitivity.

Why do gums start to recede?

There are many reasons that gum recession can become a problem for a patient. Here are a few of the most common causes.

Bad oral hygiene

One of the most common culprits of receding gums is that the patient does not have the best oral hygiene. Brushing twice per day and flossing once a day is vital. Not doing these simple steps over time can cause gum recession to begin and continue until the gum grafting is necessary.

Foreign objects in the mouth

One thing that can cause the gums to recede is if someone constantly keeps an object in their mouth. A typical example is people who chew or hold a pen or pencil in their mouth. The object is always touching and pushing the gums, and over time, this can cause the gums to start receding.

Gum disease

Gum disease can be another reason for recession to begin. Bacteria can inflame the gums, and if the issue is not taken care of promptly, gum recession can continue until a dentist gets rid of the gum disease.

How to tell if you need a gum graft

If a patient is experiencing any of the following, a gum graft may be necessary.

Exposed tooth roots

Healthy gums should protect the roots of the teeth. The tooth roots may be exposed if a patient notices that their teeth seem longer than usual or are more sensitive to temperature changes. A gum graft might be helpful for those who have exposed tooth roots.

Visible cementum

When cementum is visible, it is a sure indicator that the roots are showing. The organic substance that acts as a covering for the roots is called cementum. It is yellow in color and a little softer than enamel, the protective layer over the top of the teeth. When exposed, it is quite noticeable. Patients will be able to differentiate the yellow at the tooth's root from the white at the crown. Cementum gives the bottom a yellowish hue. When this happens, gum recession may have already begun.

Fragile, translucent gums

Marginal gum recession is not the only reason for a graft. The dental professional may propose a gum transplant if the gums are fragile and weak, even if they have not drooped yet. The reason is that the teeth may not get the necessary support from the gums. Gums that are thin and delicate are more prone to recession. Furthermore, many patients believe that they look unappealing compared to healthy and full gums.

Translucent, hypersensitive, and even inflamed gums are the hallmarks of gums that are too thin. Patients should get in touch with their dentist if they are experiencing any of these issues.

Have more questions about gum grafting?

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